Golden Hills Pony Club Policies

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The name of this club shall be Golden Hills Pony Club.

Golden Hills Pony Club is a registered club of the Middle California Region of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. (USPC)

The colors of the club are red and gold.

The Officers of the club are the District Commissioner (DC), the Joint District Commissioner (Joint DC), the Secretary and the Treasurer as approved by Sponsors. All officers shall serve a 1 year term January 1 – December 31 as per the USPC By-Laws. There is no limit on the number of consecutive terms for any officer.

Eligible individuals, meeting all requirements, including having been accepted by the DC may become a Sponsor of the Club.

The Sponsor fee will be determined yearly, at the Annual Meeting of Sponsors. The Sponsor fee is currently $10.

Sponsors no longer able to participate may resign at any time by submitting a written resignation to the DC which will be filed by the Club Secretary and recorded on the List of Sponsors.

The amount of Club dues for Participating Members will be determined each year and included in the budget proposal that is presented and voted upon by the Sponsors at their Annual Meeting. Dues are also paid by the members to the region, and to the national organization, at rates set by those entities. The Dues are detailed in the Dues and Fees document.

Dues for a new member for the year includes: National Dues (per child), Regional Dues (per child) and Golden Hills Club dues (per family), a USPC manual, a GHPC Polo shirt, and a Medical Armband. Dues for a renewing member includes: National Dues (per child), Regional Dues (per child) and Golden Hills Club dues (per family). If a new member joins September 1 or later, they will pay a prorated fee.

Membership in Pony Club is a significant commitment. Each member is expected to have a parent, guardian, or adult willing to participate in Pony Club activities and they are expected to volunteer on a committee.

Meetings of Participating Members, mounted and unmounted, are held according to the calendar approved annually by the Club Sponsors.

Participating members are considered a Member in Good Standing if they evidence a sincere interest in the activities of the club, assist younger members in the learning process, and participate with regularity in the events of the club at the club, regional, and national level, when and where appropriate, according to age, experience, and suitability and safety of mount and are current with all dues and fees owed to the club, region, and USPC.

All members are encouraged to participate in rallies. Any member who wishes to go to either a club, regional, or national rally will be permitted to go so long as they are safe, appropriately qualified, and interested in going.

Members pay their own rally fees. If funds are available, the club may offer financial assistance to participants in a regional or national rally with approval of the Sponsors.

The DC will decide on team make-up for all regional rallies.

Ratings are usually held when sufficient members are available for the test, but, in no case, will a member be required to wait more than six months to be tested for a rating for which he or she is qualified to test.

  • A Candidate must be a Member in Good Standing.
  • A Candidate must let the DC know of their interest or intent to rate prior to the rating.
  • A Candidate will use the USPC Flow Chart as indicator to their readiness to rate. All flow charts and rating information can be found on

The cost of all D, C1 and C2 ratings are borne by the candidate. National rating fees are also paid by the candidate. If funds are available, the club may offer financial assistance to those members pursuing their upper-level ratings with approval of the Sponsors.

A plan to provide funds with which to support expenses for club administration and activities will be developed and approved each year according to the requirements of the national organization.

Funds are dispersed by the treasurer in consultation with the DC and club officers.

Income shall be obtained through Club dues, fundraising, and entry fees for hosted rallies. Club expenses are costs associated with mounted and unmounted meetings, club operational expenses, insurance, and the annual awards banquet.

Club assets are two team rally kits, the club library, a club checking account, and donated used tack.

No refunds of dues or fees paid are given unless extenuating circumstances exist or the DC has been asked for prior approval and sufficient funds exist.

Reimbursement request must be accompanied by a receipt and submitted to the Treasurer within 60 days and are subject to the DC’s approval for anything which is not a normal operating expense.

These policies may be amended by a vote of a majority of the Sponsors at any Meeting of Sponsors.

Amended: 10/17/12
Approved: 11/18/12

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